Cough & Fever in Chicago, IL

When a child is sick, it’s often worrisome for parents, especially if they are not sure if their child will be okay. However, the symptoms of illnesses can help determine the diagnosis of your child’s ailment. Unfortunately, having a fever and cough is sometimes inconclusive for parents because these symptoms fit a lot of illnesses.

Identifying Illnesses with a Fever and Cough

Many illnesses have fevers and coughs in their litany of symptoms, so it helps to identify some of the other symptoms when taking your child to visit one of our pediatricians at Lau Medical. Parents should also know how to recognize a fever and know when to contact a doctor for their child.

What is Fever?

The normal body temperature for a human of any age is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and fever is anything above 100.4 degrees F. The body fluctuates temperatures throughout the day depending on the weather, your activity level, and age.

Fever and Coughs as Symptoms

If your child has a fever, dry cough with body aches, then it is likely he or she has a virus like the flu. One of our pediatricians at Lau Medical in Chicago can diagnosis a fever, but since it’s a virus, there aren’t any prescriptions that can cure it. The virus needs to run its course.

An illness with a fever and stuffy head is likely to be the common cold virus, which also needs to run its course. However, you should consider a visit to one of our pediatricians at Lau Medical if your child has a fever with a cough that produces mucus, as that can indicate pneumonia.

When to Call a Doctor

You should contact one of our doctors near you if your child is complaining of chest pain and shortness of breath with a fever or fever with abdominal pain. A fever with abdominal pain could be appendicitis or a gastrointestinal problem and needs an immediate diagnosis. So does shortness of breath and chest pain with fever.

Contact one of our doctors in Chicago if fever is accompanying any of the above symptoms. Otherwise, let viruses run their course unless they get worse. It’s important to build resistance to viral infections so that your kids can stay healthy.

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