Annual Physical Exam in Chicago, IL

When did you last have a comprehensive physical exam? If you cannot remember, then you’re probably overdue for this essential visit to the doctor. Contrary to popular belief, physical exams aren’t reserved for athletes or truck drivers who need to meet Department of Transportation requirements. Everybody can benefit from this crucial medical check.

If you’re looking to book an annual physical exam near you in Chicago, get in touch with Lau Medical. Through our physical exam, our doctor will give you the assurance that you’re in good shape, or help you get started on treatment for any ailments that you might have.

What to Expect During Your Annual Physical Exam

Our doctor will ask you questions regarding your medical history. Such questions revolve around your family’s medical history, previous diagnoses and treatments, allergies, current medications, and your lifestyle. The second part of your appointment involves the actual physical exam, during which our doctor will check your blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and temperature.

Our doctor in Chicago, IL, will also assess your general appearance to check for signs that may be indicative of underlying health issues. Our doctor will further listen to your heart using a stethoscope, examine your lung and neck, as well as your abdominal areas. Our doctor will also conduct a neurological and dermatological exam.

Depending on whether you’re a female or male, our doctor may conduct further examinations to determine the health of your reproductive system. Males may get a testicular exam while females can benefit from a pelvic exam. Here at Lau Medical, we only conduct examinations that you’re comfortable with. If at any point in the physical exam, you feel uncomfortable, our doctor will stop immediately and allow you to go home.

Importance of Annual Physical Exams

Annual physical exams provide a platform for patients to discuss their medical or health concerns with their doctors. Building an ongoing relationship with your doctor through yearly physical exams is crucial in keeping tabs on your health.

Specifically, annual physical exams:

  • Allow the doctor to identify the onset of diseases for early intervention
  • Enable you to get any vaccines that may be due or overdue
  • Help you get updated information from our doctor regarding healthy diet and physical activities
  • Allow the doctor to identify any issues or risk factors that may manifest into health concerns later on

Annual physical exams are essential for everyone, but especially crucial for patients above the age of 50.

If you’re in Chicago, IL, we welcome you to call Lau Medical to book an annual physical exam near you. We offer comprehensive physical exams that are aimed at providing empowerment and assurance to all our patients.

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