Well Woman Exam in Chicago, IL

A well-woman exam, also known as a wellness exam, is an opportunity for you to take charge of your sexual and reproductive health. During a wellness exam, our doctor in Chicago, IL, will thoroughly examine you to ensure that you’re in perfect health, as well as provide helpful information.

Your first well-woman exam should happen when you’re about 13 to 15 years old. Don’t worry if you’re older and haven’t had a well-woman exam yet. You can start now. If you’re above 21 years, make a point of scheduling an annual wellness exam. This way, your doctor can check for any worrying signs and offer early intervention for the same.

What Happens During a Wellness Exam?

Our doctor will ask you several questions to understand your medical history and lifestyle. These questions will touch on various topics, including exercise, alcohol consumption, sexual practices, nutrition, menstrual cycles, birth control, and past illnesses. Remember to be truthful when answering these questions, as giving accurate information will help our doctor to assist you in the best manner.

During your wellness exam at Lau Medical, we’ll also conduct some tests, including breast exams and pelvic exams. Depending on your age, our doctor may also recommend a mammogram, pap smear, and an HPV test.

If you’re sexually active and concerned about STDs or STIs, we’ll test you for the same.

We only perform the tests that you’re comfortable with; if at any point in your wellness exam, you start to feel uncomfortable, do let us know. Our doctor will conclude the evaluation immediately and allow you to go home if that’s what you’d like.

Preparing for Your Well-Woman Exam

If you’re getting ready for a well-woman exam near you, here are a few things you can do to feel less anxious:

  • Understand that a wellness exam is more than a Pap smear. Most women automatically think of Pap smears when they hear of the well-woman exam. The Pap smear is only a small (but essential) part of the examination, and you don’t have to undergo it unless you want to.
  • Don’t be scared to ask questions during your appointment. We love it when our patients demonstrate curiosity and openness in regards to their sexual and reproductive health. We’re always happy and ready to address any concerns you may have before, during, and even after the exam.
  • Pay attention to your personal hygiene, as this will make things more comfortable for you and the doctor during the physical exam and other tests.

Are you searching for a facility that offers well-woman exams in an environment that’s safe, friendly, and inclusive? Contact Lau Medical today to book your well-woman exam.

Well Women Exam

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