Skin Lacerations and Repair in Chicago, IL

If you do physical labor on the job, such as construction or landscaping, then small cuts or scratches are probably an everyday occurrence. Most people shrug them off and continue working because they are too small for concern. However, if you sustain deeper cuts while working, then you may need treatment for skin laceration and repair.

What to Do for Cuts

After cutting yourself, you need to stop the bleeding and wash the wound to prevent infection. First, use soap and water to wash the cut, and then place some gauze, a clean towel, or napkins over the wound and apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Carefully examine the edges of the cut, if they are even and stay together while moving around, then you probably don’t need stitches.

When are Stitches Necessary?

If the cut is deep, approximately a quarter of an inch or deeper, then the laceration will need closing with stitches. If it keeps bleeding for more than 15 minutes, no matter how deep the cut is, then stitches may be necessary.

Other circumstances that require stitches are:

  • If you cut over a joint and it opens when moving the joint
  • If muscle, bone, or fat shows through the wound
  • When the object that cut you is rusty or dirty
  • If there are deep cuts on a hand or finger
  • When you are worried about scarring or a cut on your face

One of our doctors at Lau Medical can examine the cut to determine if stitches are necessary and then put them in for you. However, depending on the circumstances of the cut, you may need to go to a hospital ER near you in Chicago, IL, to treat the wound.

When to Remove Stitches?

A doctor can remove most stitches in one to two weeks, depending on their location on your body. Removing them as soon as possible reduces scarring, tissue reactions, and the risk of infection. However, if they get removed too soon, then the scar can get longer than necessary. Stitches due to surgery can be in place for up to 21 days, depending upon their location.

If you’re bleed profusely or your cuts are deep, don’t contact Lau Medical. Instead, go to a local ER in Chicago, IL, to receive treatment.

Skin lacerations Repair

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