IUD Placement in Chicago, IL

An intrauterine device, abbreviated as IUD, is a form of birth control that’s inserted inside of your uterus to prevent pregnancy. An IUD can help prevent pregnancy for as long as ten years, depending on the type that you get. There are two main categories of IUDs: copper IUDs and hormonal IUDs. Copper IUDs don’t contain hormones and prevent pregnancy by releasing copper ions that are toxic to sperm.

Lau Medical provides IUD placement in Chicago, IL, for women who are looking for a long-term birth control alternative. Do you keep forgetting to take your birth control pills? Are you looking for a contraceptive that is long-acting but reversible? Our doctor in Chicago, IL, will provide all the information you need regarding IUDs as well as facilitate the IUD placement in an environment that’s safe and sanitary.

Is an IUD Right for You?

Our doctor will carefully assess your medical history, and uterine health to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for this type of contraception.

Our doctor may suggest doing without the IUD, if:

  • You have unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • You’ve recently contracted an STD or any other pelvic inflammatory condition
  • You have fibroids or any other uterine condition that may hinder IUD placement
  • You have liver disease

What to Expect After IUD Placement

It’s normal to experience some discomfort after IUD placement. Cramps, back pain, heavy and irregular periods are just a few of the symptoms you might experience after IUD insertion. Call us immediately if you’re experiencing an unusual vaginal discharge, fever, pain during intercourse or unexplained bleeding.

Are you in Chicago, IL, and are looking for safe IUD placement near you? Call Lau Medical today to book an appointment with us.

IUD Placement

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