Irrigation of Ear Wax in Chicago, IL

It’s nowhere close to being a pleasant party topic, but ear wax is an essential component of your aural apparatus. Medically known as cerumen, ear wax keeps the ear lubricated and has antibacterial properties as well. Sometimes, ear wax may accumulate beyond normal levels, resulting in ear wax impaction. Ear wax impaction often occurs when a person interferes with the ear wax’s natural cycle—the ear is self-cleaning, and you don’t need to put numerous foreign objects in your ear to clean it.

In the case of excessive build-up of ear wax or ear wax impaction, you need to seek the attention of a doctor. Ear wax impaction can have long-term and severe implications on your hearing.

Lau Medical offers ear wax irrigation—a process that involves using a liquid to flush out the excess ear wax. Visit us today if you’re looking to experience the irrigation of ear wax in Chicago, IL, in a safe and sanitary environment.

Signs That You Need Ear Wax Irrigation

Excessive ear wax build-up can lead to pain and discomfort. You’ll know that it’s time for ear wax irrigation to get rid of excess ear wax if you’re showing any of these signs:

  • Vertigo or dizziness
  • Ringing in your ears
  • Ear pain
  • A feeling of “fullness” similar to what you’d feel if you’re wearing earplugs
  • Discharge
  • Foul odor
  • Itching

Sometimes, patients with ear wax accumulation may experience decreased hearing. Your friends and family may notice this particular symptom before you do, so pay attention if someone brings it to your notice.

Ear Irrigation Procedure

During your appointment, our doctor in Chicago, IL, will use a syringe to push water into your ear gently. The water will soften and separate the ear wax, which consequently drains out of the ear. The doctor may need to repeat the irrigation severally before complete ear wax removal is achieved.

You may experience some discomfort during the ear irrigation procedure. Our doctor will stop the ear irrigation procedure immediately if you’re experiencing pain or pressure.

We don’t recommend trying out ear irrigation at home, as this could lead to severe consequences, including worsening the ear wax impaction.

Visit Lau Medical today if you’re looking for a facility that provides excellent services in the irrigation of ear wax near you.

Irrigation Of Ear Wax

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