Insertion of Nexplanon in Chicago, IL

Nexplanon is the ideal solution for women who would like to say goodbye to daily birth control tablets. The hormone-releasing implant is a soft, flexy rod around two inches long which is inserted subcutaneously in the upper arm.

If you’re looking for an insertion of Nexplanon in Chicago, IL, Lau Medical can help. Our team of women’s health professionals has helped many women change from contraceptive pills to Nexplanon.

The implant does not contain any estrogen and is progestin-only. A long-term solution, the insertion of Nexplanon in Chigaco, IL provides 99 percent pregnancy prevention for up to three years.

Many women who want long term contraception cannot use a traditional IUD coil for a variety of reasons. In these cases, the insertion of Nexplanon is one of the best options. Other women prefer Nexplanon over IUD solutions.

Nexplanon Near You

You can swiftly and easily access Nexplanon near you. When you visit Lau Medical, one of our kind and caring doctors will insert the Nexplanon rod in a very minor outpatient procedure in our clinic. A small incision is made in the upper arm and the rod is put in place under the skin.

Your doctor will numb the region so the process is pain-free. Your incision is very small and will be wrapped in a sterile gauze dressing. You will be able to feel the Nexplanon rod where it is inserted in your arm. You can leave the clinic immediately after the rod is implanted.

Timing Your Nexplanon Insertion

The timing of Nexplanon insertion is key. Your doctor may ask you to take a pregnancy test before the rod is implanted. You may also be asked to schedule the insertion appointment at a specific time during your cycle.

If you have any questions about the timing of a Nexplanon implant, please get in touch with our friendly staff, who can provide you with full details.

Lau Medical has helped many women make the switch from daily birth control to Nexplanon. If you’d like to schedule your own insertion of Nexplanon in Chicago, get in touch with us today.

Insertion Of Nexplanon

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