Hearing & Vision Screening in Chicago, IL

Did you know that hearing and vision problems can affect a child’s learning and development both at school and even at home? Children learn through seeing and hearing, among other ways, and a child who is unable to hear or see correctly misses out on many learning opportunities.

What’s even worse is that children may not know that they’re not hearing or seeing as they should. That means that your child may be unable to tell you that they’re struggling with their sight or hearing, as they don’t know what’s normal. As a parent, it’s necessary to schedule hearing and vision screening appointments regularly to ensure that your child isn’t at a disadvantage.

Many states in the US and that includes Illinois have legally mandated hearing and vision screening for school-age children. You can get your hearing and vision screening in Chicago, IL, at Lau Medical.

Adults, too, can benefit from hearing and vision screening tests. Hearing and vision screenings tests should be a part of your medical routine, especially if you’ve had problems with these two aspects in the past.

What Happens During the Appointment?

During your hearing and vision screening appointment at Lau Medical, the following will happen:

Our doctor will place you in a soundproof room as well as give you a pair of headphones which you’ll be required to wear. A device that’s connected to your headphones will transmit sounds of varying volumes and pitches to you, one ear at a time. Our doctor will ask you to respond to what you’re hearing by raising your hand or pressing on a button.

During vision screening, our doctor in Chicago, IL, will have you look at an eye chart from a specific distance to determine your visual acuity. We will also screen you for various eye disorders, as well as to measure your eye pressure and determine if you have dry eye syndrome.

What Happens After the Appointment?

The outcome of the screening determines what happens after your initial appointment. If the doctor determines that you have excellent vision and hearing, you’ll be free to go home. If you’re showing worrying signs that may be indicative of hearing or vision loss, or other disorders, our doctor will recommend the most appropriate intervention. For instance, you may get hearing aids or glasses, eye drops, or even a referral for further treatment.

If you’re in Chicago, IL, and looking for a facility that offers comprehensive hearing and vision screening near you, look no further than Lau Medical.

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