EKG Testing in Chicago, IL

An electrocardiogram or EKG test is a painless test that measures the electrical activity of your heart to determine whether you’re showing signs of heart problems or heart disease. Heart problems interfere with the electrical patterns of your heart. An electrocardiogram seeks to identify any such interruptions so that you can receive necessary and timely care to prevent future complications.

Lau Medical offers EKG testing in Chicago, IL. Our doctor recommends that you get an EKG test if you score highly on the risk factors for heart disease. Risks factors for heart disease include having a family history of the same, being overweight or obese, and having a propensity for heavy smoking, among others. You may also get an electrocardiogram if you’re showing signs that are associated with heart problems.

Signs That You Need EKG Testing

Our doctor in Chicago, IL, may recommend EKG testing if you’re showing the below symptoms:

  • Chest pains
  • Trouble when breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Racing or pounding heart
  • Uneven heartbeat
  • Unusual sounds accompanying your heartbeat

EKG testing enables our doctor to determine the cause of your symptoms as well as the most appropriate treatment for the same.

Getting Ready for EKG Testing

If you’re coming in for EKG testing at Lau Medical, avoid engaging in exercise before your test, as this could spike your heart’s activity. Do not drink cold water right before your test, either. Coldwater can cause changes in your heart’s electrical patterns, as well.

Don’t lather on any greasy or oily skin creams before your appointment, as these could inhibit proper attachment of the electrodes used in the test.

What Happens During EKG Testing?

For the electrocardiogram, a technician will attach electrodes to your chest, arms, and legs. You will then be requested to lie flat and still while a computer maps your heart’s electrical impulses. This type of EKG test that is taken when you’re lying down is known as a “resting EKG.”

If need be, our doctor may recommend that you take a stress test, which is an electrocardiogram that’s conducted while you exercise. This test checks for heart problems that manifest when you’re engaged in physical activity. For the stress test, the doctor may utilize a treadmill or stationary bike to check your heart’s electrical activity while you’re in motion.

An EKG test is usually over in a matter of minutes, with the majority of these being spent on attaching the electrodes. The actual test is over within seconds. We will keep a record of your EKG test to compare with future tests.

Depending on the test results, our doctor will recommend medications or other treatments that can improve the condition and health of your heart.

Reach out to Lau Medical today if you’re interested in EKG testing near you.

Ekg Testing

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