Cyst Removal in Chicago, IL

Although having an unusual growth on the skin is always concerning, most growths are not cancerous. While there are growths that occur due to sun exposure, others like cysts may be due to infections, ingrown hairs, or from trauma. If you have cysts on your skin, then you may need a cyst removal treatment.

What are Cysts?

Cysts are sacs of tissue that usually contains fluid, air, pus, or other substances. They grow anywhere on the body, and they’re usually not painful. If you find a cyst on your body, you should make an appointment with one of our doctors at Lau Medical to check it. After examining it, our doctor in Chicago, IL, will determine if the cyst requires treatment.

The cyst may need treatment after the doctor determines:

  • The type of cyst
  • The cyst’s location
  • If the cyst is painful or causes discomfort
  • If the cyst has an infection in it

Many types of cysts grow outside of the body. If they are noncancerous and small, they often do not require treatment. Cysts can also grow inside of the body, like breast or ovarian cysts.

Removing Cysts

While cysts with fluid in them may only require draining with a needle, cysts that contain other substances may need removing. Our doctor at Lau Medical, who examines the cyst, will determine if it requires surgery to remove it.

If one of our doctors near you in Chicago, IL, cannot determine if the cyst is cancerous, they may need to surgically remove it for testing. Depending on where the cyst is on your body, and it’s size, he or she may be able to excise it in their office.

However, if the cyst is large, then you may need to go to a surgical facility to have it removed. Large cysts may also require removing if its size causes symptoms, such as pain or if it’s pressing on a nerve.

If you find a cyst on your body, consult with one of our doctors at Lau Medical in Chicago, IL, to find out if the growth is benign and whether the doctor needs to remove it.

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