Abscess Drainage in Chicago, IL

An abscess is a collection or accumulation of pus underneath the skin that’s inflamed. Skin abscesses are usually triggered by a bacterial infection and may occur on any part of your body. Some of the areas more prone to abscesses include the buttocks, groin, breast, and the axilla (armpit).

Smaller abscesses usually drain on their own without much intervention. For larger abscesses, there’s a need for incision and drainage—a procedure that gets rid of the pus, thereby starting your healing process.

Abscesses can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. If you have an abscess that’s making it impossible for you to comfortably engage in your daily activities, schedule an appointment with Lau Medical today. Our doctor in Chicago, IL, is highly experienced in abscess and drainage procedures and will make sure you’re comfortable during your appointment.

Abscess Incision and Drainage Procedure

During your appointment at Lau Medical, our doctor will assess your unique case to determine the best treatment plan. For some abscesses, there’s a need for antibiotic treatment to fight the bacterial infection. As such, our doctor may first get you started on antibiotics and then schedule your drainage procedure.

Abscess drainage is an outpatient procedure, except in severe cases where inpatient observation becomes a necessity. During treatment, our doctor will administer local anesthesia to help you relax and ensure you don’t feel any pain.

Afterward, our doctor makes an incision through which all pus is drained. The doctor then cleans the pocket of infection with a sterile saline solution. The final step involves covering the incision with wound dressing.

Here at Lau Medical, we have created a safe, clean, and sterile environment to ensure that all incision and drainage procedures go according to plan, with no risk of reinfection.

Recovering After Abscess Drainage

The time it takes for you to recover from drainage depends on the location and severity of your abscess. During this period of recovery, you’ll need to change your wound dressing. If your abscess required a deep incision that needed a gauze wick for dressing, our doctor would need to change this at our facility.

Ultimately, the main goal of the days and weeks after drainage is to ensure that you don’t get re-infected. Our doctor may prescribe antibiotic therapy to curb reinfection. We’ll also show you how to care for your abscess cavity as well as schedule you for follow-up appointments.

If you’re in Chicago, IL and looking for abscess drainage near you, call Lau Medical.

Abscess Drainage

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