Why Telemedicine Video Appointments Are Ideal for You As You Kick Start the New Year

Why Telemedicine Video Appointments Are Ideal for You As You Kick Start the New Year

Jan 01, 2021

The novel covid-19 spread has led to some regulations in the medical field. Various measures have been implemented to curb its spread. You can make more safe and secure appointments by embracing telemedicine for your health issues. Live-video appointments at home are convenient and lessen the risk of being infected with the coronavirus. Telemedicine video appointments enable you to link with your medical specialist by using your computer or mobile phone. A telephone call can also meet your needs based on your health needs. Virtual video calls are secure, and all the information shared is confidential.

What’s Telemedicine?

Telemedicine involves advanced tools that make healthcare more accessible and cost-effective. If you reside far from a medical facility, you can consult a physician virtually via telemedicine tools. Your medical specialist can share real-time information through video conferencing. The specialist can easily monitor your medical health progress using medical devices. You can consult your doctor on appropriate diagnosis and treatment via telemedicine software without an appointment at the health facility. Telemedicine adoption has enabled medical specialists to address your medical issues by integrating intelligent features and ensuring timely treatment.

How Will Telemedicine Benefit You During This Pandemic?

Telemedicine has revolutionized your world and has enabled you to find health care services without leaving your home. Below are some of the benefits associated with telemedicine:

  • Reduced exposure to viruses or disease-causing germs since you don’t have to interact with other patients in the waiting bays at the medical facilities
  • Flexible schedules during work or after work hours
  • It’s cost-effective to have a video consultation rather than visit the medical facility.
  • Making visits to your doctor may lead to anxiety, which may hinder you from seeking medical care. Telemedicine enables you to access medical help and seek consultation while at home.
  • If you have chronic conditions, home-based monitoring tools can transmit medical readings to your specialist, who’ll identify new symptoms and potential emergencies. You get quick intervention through home-based therapies.
  • Telemedicine services have enabled medical practitioners to treat patients at home during the novel covid-19 pandemic. You can easily connect you’re your physician during weekends and after office hours.
  • Your kid may suffer from high fever in the middle of the night, and telemedicine video appointments can help you consult your doctor for a prescription or diagnosis needed. Telemedicine is vital in taking care of your child’s needs late in the night.

Various Types of Telemedicine Services

There are various healthcare systems that our family physician in Chicago can recommend for your health care. Below are some of the telemedicine services you can adopt:

Interactive Medicine

It’s an approach that allows you to reach out to your doctor through real-time video conferences. Phone consultations are also ideal in enabling your physician to assess your medical history and perform multiple evaluations. All the information you provide is confidential, and the communication devices are secure.

Remote Patient Monitoring

It enables your doctor to closely monitor your health progress at home through specialized medical devices that send vital signs that indicate certain health states. Your health specialist gathers information through your health portal and shares relevant information.

Store and Forward

This telemedicine option enables your provider to share information with a health specialist who’s in another location. The advanced systems can transmit information to a distant practitioner, and a specialist can understand what another one did for your treatment.

Telemedicine Applications

Telemedicine has allowed seamless access to medical care, and it’s applicable in various fields, including:

  • ER diversions, where a physician can determine whether you need emergency care before being admitted to an overcrowded ER facility.
  • Advanced medical devices can monitor your health over long distances and help manage your chronic condition, and they monitor your glucose levels, blood pressure, and heart rate. The data is transmitted to your physician’s device. At Lau Medical, we recommend telemedicine to enhance better health outcomes.
  • Medication Management provides you an ideal schedule for your prescribed medication through telemedicine technology.
  • Sharing Medical Information that enables you to share your medical history with a specialist who’s distant from your residence.

Adopting telemedicine practice is a huge milestone in ensuring you find more safe and secure appointments. Telemedicine ensures more safe and secure appointments. It would be best to consult your telemedicine expert in determining ideal options concerning the implementation of the practice. Dr. Denny Lau recommends telemedicine in fighting infectious diseases, including coronavirus.

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