All You Need to Know About Primary Care Practice

All You Need to Know About Primary Care Practice

May 01, 2020

[Primary care practices provide you with personalized health care solutions. Read about the services offered, the different practitioners and the benefits.]

Primary care is a term used to describe the daily or routine health care services provided by a primary care physician.

A primary care physician or doctor provides patients with both a first contact support system in the case of an undiagnosed medical condition, or continued regular care and treatment for already diagnosed patients.

A primary care physician near you can assist you in managing you and your family’s overall health and well-being. They can ensure that you and your loved ones have access on a routine basis to medical services that are fundamental to maintaining good health.

What Are Some of the Services Primary Care Physicians Offer?

  • Conducting routine physical examinations on patients
  • Administering preventive care, such as regular screenings and scheduled immunizations
  • Diagnosing chronic health conditions such as diabetes, cardiac diseases and hypertension
  • Administering treatments for common ailments such as ear pain treatment, sore throat remedies and sinus infection treatment in Chicago, IL.
  • Managing chronic health conditions
  • Treating non-emergency medical conditions such as mild fever, nausea, rashes, allergic reactions, coughs and shortness of breath
  • Treating minor injuries such as administering a sports injury treatment
  • Giving you tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right, managing your weight and exercising
  • Checking on your mental health and well-being
  • Issuing you with referrals to specialists when necessary

Primary care physicians can be categorized into five main types, each trained in a particular field. It is essential to understand; however, that any primary care physician near you can provide routine preventive health care, treat common health conditions, diagnose and manage chronic health issues.

5 Types of Primary Care Doctors

  1. Family Medicine Doctors

They can offer medical care to your entire family. They are trained to treat and handle babies, toddlers, teenagers, parents or the elderly. So when any of your loved ones is unwell, a family medicine doctor can be a trusted and viable option to go to for personalized health care.

A family medicine doctor will have your family’s entire medical history and will know how to handle and communicate with your loved ones when they need reassurance during treatment.

  1. Pediatricians

They are specialized in children’s health care. They treat children in all age groups from birth to early adulthood. Pediatricians can monitor your children’s developmental milestones and ensure your child stays on the right track in terms of growth and development.

They will treat minor illnesses and injuries and ensure your child keeps up with their vaccinations and regular checkups.

  1. Internal Medicine-Pediatric Doctors

Also known as med-peds doctors. They are trained and certified in internal medicine and pediatrics and can, therefore, treat both kids and adults. This training allows them to remedy the gap that exists in treating young patients and adults.

  1. Internal Medicine Doctors or Internists

Can treat both young adults and adults. Are experienced in diagnosing and handling both simple and complex adult medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

  1. Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Certified to treat all women’s health issues and ailments. They can conduct regular screenings and checkups and also set you up with the right family planning method that works for you.

They can even walk with you through your pregnancy and help you remedy menopausal issues when necessary.

What Are the Benefits of Primary Care Practice?

Here are some of the benefits of visiting a primary care physician near you:

  • It facilitates the early detection of medical conditions. This is because you will have routine regular checkups with the same practitioner, allowing them to keep a lookout for any new developments that might indicate an emerging medical issue.
  • They offer convenience by providing an all under one roof health facility. You have access to preventive care, diagnosis and management of chronic conditions, and treatment for common ailments.
  • They can help you maintain your family’s health. These doctors have your medical history as a family and can ensure that they assist you to keep chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure at bay.
  • Because you will have continued interaction with these doctors, it becomes easier to talk to them in case you have any sensitive issues and you are at ease during checkups and visits.
  • Primary care physicians have your medical history, and you do not have to explain your current condition or prescribed drugs at every visit.

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