4 Great Benefits of Primary Care

4 Great Benefits of Primary Care

Dec 13, 2019

Primary care is the initial medical intervention that you receive when you’re faced with an illness such as a cold or the flu. Primary care physicians provide this sort of intervention in primary care clinics. Primary care providers are usually doctors, but in some cases, physician assistants and nurses can fill these roles.

Here are four reasons why primary care matters:

Holistic Care

Primary care providers are trained to handle a wide range of health conditions and complications. As such, they can provide all the medical care that you require in a central location. What may start as an appointment to evaluate and discuss your relentless cough may end up being an assessment of your lifestyle habits, exercise routine, and diet choices. This is because your primary care physician focuses on your holistic well-being and not solely on your symptoms.

Are you tired of making multiple and seemingly unnecessary appointments to address several aspects of your health? It may be because you unknowingly skipped the primary care route and went straight to the specialists. A primary care facility will comprehensively assess you and only refer you to a specialist when necessary.

Management of Chronic Diseases

If you have chronic conditions such as lupus or arthritis, then you know that management of the same is not easy. On your own, you may lose track of the medications, tests, and indicators that you should be tracking. A primary care provider is an excellent asset in the management of chronic diseases, as they help you to stay organized and on top of things. Regular appointments and follow-up tests at a primary care clinic allow you to keep tabs on how your chronic ailment is affecting your body on an ongoing basis.

Better Doctor-Patient Relationships

Imagine having to explain your medical history during every medical appointment—it doesn’t sound like much fun. If you have a primary care provider, you’re able to establish an ongoing relationship where your physician knows you inside out. This kind of relationship reinforces trust and comfort. It also allows you to get the timely care you deserve from someone who has an in-depth understanding of your health conditions and your physical well-being.

Regular Screenings

Primary care providers usually require that you undergo routine screenings whenever you come in for your appointment. Keeping tabs on your blood pressure, heart rate, and other crucial indicators are essential. Such keen monitoring is vital in identifying red flags before they escalate into more chronic or complicated conditions.

Still not convinced that you need a primary care doctor? Consider this—routine appointments and screenings with your primary health provider can help you avoid higher healthcare costs in the future. Whether you’re insured or uninsured, high healthcare costs can be overwhelming.

Well, there you have it. If you haven’t already, you need to find a primary care facility near you that can be your lifelong companion in your journey towards wholesome well-being.

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